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The SHERO project is funded under the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) programme of the European Commission (grant agreement ID 828818). The radical vision of the SHERO project is the ambitious development of fully-autonomous self-healing soft robotic devices, by integrating engineered functional materials, smart sensing and active actuation and control capabilities into soft robots.

Archive January 2023

International Symposium on Smart Materials: REGISTRATION OPEN

11th January 2023 By SMARTITN The Polymer Competence Center Leoben (PCCL) invites SMART programme members to register for the International Symposium on Smart Materials, 14-15 June 2023 REGISTRATION PROGRAMME ORGANISER INFORMATION: The Polymer Competence Center Leoben (PCCL) has led collaborative research in polymer technology and polymer science in Austria for more than a decade. Our hundred and

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