Press and Media Articles

Within the reporting period 33 press articles/news were published for broader public. Below is the list for the press activities of SHERO and some photos from the main press activities.

DateTitlePress nameWeb-link
30/06/2020Twee BiR&D Cross-Disciplinary PhD Thesis Awards voor VUB’ersDaily Science Brussels
01/07/2020Two VUB researchers win prestigious BiR&D AwardVrije Universiteit Brussel
18/06/2020PhD Awards 2020: Seppe TerrynBiR&D
30/07/2020Twee VUB-onderzoekers winnen prestigieuze BiRD-AwardBruzz
01/07/2020robot zweet om af te koelenEOS 
02/09/202016 wetenschappers zijn geselecteerd voor de Vlaamse PhD CupVRT
08/09/2020The Rise Of Self-Healing Robots: Making War Casualties A Thing Of The PastBBN Times 
04/09/2020Robotica-ingenieur Seppe: “Ik maak robots van zelfhelend materiaal. Ze leven dus langer”Gazet Van Antwerpen
10/09/2020Wordt corona de broedplaats voor massale robotisering?Kwaliteit in Bedrijjf 
15/09/2020Zwaar beschadigde robot geneest vanzelfEOS
23/09/2020Dit zijn de acht finalisten van de Vlaamse PhD Cup: Seppe TerrynEOS
30/09/2020Bonheidenaar Seppe (29) staat in finale van PhD Cup met zelfherstellende robotHet Nieuwsblad
29/10/2020BruboticsKanaal Z
19/11/2020Robots will soon be able to reattach their own severed fingerInovation Origins
19/11/2020Robot plakt een doorgesneden vinger er straks zelf weer aanInovation Origins
20/11/2020Dit zijn de 5 finalisten van de Wetenschapsbattle 2020Wetenschapsbattle
11/12/2020Wordt Corona de broedplaats voor massale robotisering?Kunstof Magazine
01/02/2021Animate MaterialsThe Royal Society: perspective
26/06/2021Soapbox Science 2021 BrusselsSoapbox Science
Spring 2021Machine learning to help develop self-healing robots that ‘feel pain’UCAM Department of Engineering Newsletter
01/02/2021Animate materialsRoyal Society report
06/05/2021Self healing soft robots in actionFetFX
11/10/2021Self healing robots are ushering in a new era in roboticsAnalytics insights
22/10/2021Self Healing Robots – New Generation of RoboticsAnalytic Steps
24/10/2021Self Healing Robots: Technology of 21st centuryLearnerstake
08/01/2021Brubotics-VUB SMART and SHERO team wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy 2021IEEE Spectrum Video Friday
01/06/2020Met zachte handMens en Moleccule 
11/08/2021SHERO: a European consortium to develop soft robotsESPCI Paris website
17/05/2022soft self healing robotsATV 
14/06/2022Kunnen we voor de zorgsector robot Baymax bouwen?DataNews
14/06/2022Pourrions-nous construire le robot Baymax?DataNews
07/01/2022Your Smartphone Might Soon Be Able to Repair ItselfLifewire
3D Printable Sensorized Soft Gelatin Hydrogel for Multi-Material Soft Structures
Self-healing ionic gelatin/glycerol hydrogels for strain sensing applications
Learning-Based Damage Recovery for Healable Soft Electronic Skins
Self-healing robot developed by Cambridge University engineers
Robotica-ingenieur Seppe: “Ik maak robots van zelfhelend materiaal.
Ze leven dus langer”
Homo Roboticus by Bram Vanderborght from Brubotics-VUB in Kinshasa on making robots more sustainable using waste stream, recycling and healable materials with invited artist Danniel Toya
Fatma Demir giving a public talk about “Soft robots vs Hard Robots” at the “I Love Science Festival 2022-Brussels”.


No 1 
Type of activity NCTAM award 
Contributor(s) Seppe Terryn 
Partner(s) VUB 
Title Thesis award application: Investigation of self-healing actuators for robotics 
Date 20-Feb-20 
Type of audience online 
Place Brussels 
Size of audience   
Countries addressed World 
Type of activity BiR&D Award 
Contributor(s) Seppe Terryn 
Partner(s) VUB 
Title BiR&D award 2020 for Thesis: Investigation of self-healing actuators for robotics 
Date 7-Apr-20 
Type of audience online 
Place Belgium 
Size of audience   
Countries addressed Belgium 
PhD Awards 2020: Seppe Terryn
Type of activity Nagamori award winner 
contributor(s) Bram Vanderborght 
Partner(s) VUB 
Title For his groundbreaking work on compliant and self healing actuators for safe and energy efficient human-robot interaction with applications in health and manufacturing 
Date 8-Sep-19 
Type of audience Industry-worldwide 
Place Kyoto, Japan 
Size of audience 150 
Countries addressed Japan, world 
Type of activity Best Poster Award
Contributor(s)Ellen Roels
Partner(s) VUB
Title Self-healing Soft Robots
Date 17-Dec-2021
Type of audience Industry, online-worldwide
Place Cambridge, UK
Size of audience100
Countries addressed Worldwide
Type of activity Falling Walls Foundation:
The Science Breakthroughs Award
Contributor(s)Bram Vanderborght 
Partner(s) VUB
Title Finalist for the Falling Walls: Science Breakthroughs of Year 2021 in Engineering and Technology
Date 07-Nov-2021
Type of audience Industry-worldwide
Size of audienceOnline, worldwide
Countries addressed Worldwide
Type of activity Best Scientific Presentation Award
Contributor(s)Ellen Roels
Partner(s) VUB
Title Finalist Science Battle
Date 24-Nov-2020
Type of audienceSchool children
Place Technopolis, Mechelen
Size of audienceLife-steamed to schools
Countries addressed Belgium
Type of activityResearch presentation
Contributor(s)Jakob Langenbach
Partner(s) ESPCI
TitleNominee of PhD prize from the French Society of Plastics Industries (SFIP)
Date 06-Dec-2022
Type of audience Plastic Industry, EU-wide 
Place Paris, France
Size of audience1,500 member firms, representing around 75% of French plastics companies.
Countries addressedEU Countries, France

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