General Dissemination Activities

10 June 2020Virtual Industry Fair – Industry 4.0Bram VanderborghtIndustry 5.0 – Combining strengths of humand and robots
 Presentation BIR&D awardSeppe TerrynSelf-healing soft robots 
02 June 2020Presentation Solvay awardSeppe TerrynInvestigation of self-healing actuators for robotics 
23 September 2020Presentation Vlaamse PhD AwardSeppe TerrynLang Leve(n)de RObot
14-15 /09/2020Presentation for first year ESPCI engineering studentsFrançois Tournilhac & Camille Bakkali-HassaniVitrimers for soft robotics 
09 October 2020VisitBram Vanderborght. – Seppe TerrynEuropean Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders and Bruno LIEBHABERG, Director General of the Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE) for a private visit to the AI Experience
24 November 2020Science BattleEllen RoelsMoet een robot naar de dokter?
01 December 2020Achtagung Kollaborative Robotik – Autonome Transportsysteme und Innovative Greiferlösungen – Bram VanderborghtSelf healing soft robotic grippers
13 January 2021Presentation for first year ESPCI PhD studentsCamille Bakkali-Hassani, Quentin Poutrel, Jakob LangenbachVitrimers for soft robotics 
29 April 2021Presentation PhD seminar of EmpaAntonia GeorgopoulouProsthetic hand with integrated deformation and temperature sensing elements, fabricated with fused deposition modeling 
13 August 2021Soft Robotics Impact: Exploratory Research vs. Application Oriented SolutionsFumiya Iida 
29 March 2021UHasselt guest lecture eSOC | ETBram VanderborghtRobotics Homo Roboticus 
07 April 2021VLAMEF-Webinar:Bram VanderborghtInnovatieve robots, cobots & exoskeletons
11 May 2021De WarandeBram VanderborghtThe next step in Robotics 
26 May 2023Finales Red Robotegem (Robocup JuniorBram VanderborghtRobots
19 October 2021Televic techdaysBram VanderborghtHomo Roboticus
26 October 2021Voka NostradamusBram VanderborghtHomo Roboticus
29 May 2020JakajimaTV interviewBram VanderborghtJakajimaTV interview with Professor Bram
09 November 2021Presentation at doctoral schoolJakob LangenbachVitrimers for soft robotics
30 October 2021Presentation at PhD Symposium of EmpaAntonia GeorgopoulouMaking sense of soft robots
09 December 2021Interview for students of Sorbonne UniversityFrançois Tournilhac & Jakob LangenbachVitrimers for soft robotics
Q4 2021Coaching of high school graduation candidatesTonny BosmanProfile paper on self-healing materials 
26 June 2021Soapbox ScienceEllen RoelsWhat can robots learn from nature
24 September 2021WiseNightEllen RoelsSoapbox Science stand
01 January 2022Presentation for first year ESPCI PhD studentsJakob Langenbach, Francois TournilhacVitrimers for soft robotics 
14 April 2022Presentation for C3M laboratoryCamille Bakkali-HassaniSynthesis of polymeric materials by organic and enzymatic catalysis 
04 June 2022Nerdland festivalEllen RoelsDe grote robotshow 
02 June 2022Artistic documentary about our work on self-healing soft robots by Inshallah MonteroJulie Legrand, Bram Vanderborght, Seppe Terryn,Ellen RoelsReversible 
14-16 Oct 2022Workshop for kids and general publicFatma DemirHow to make a soft robotic finger? 
24 October 2022InnnovFest, bringing innovation to companiesSimon BeckersSelf healing soft robots
16-17/5/2022FutureSummits2022Seppe Terryn, Bram VanderborghtSelf healing soft robots
25 March 2022Homo Roboticus Kinshasa @ economic mission Brussels GovernmentBram VanderborghtSelf healing soft robots 
28 October 2022Techtransfer week VUBBram VanderborghtBrubotics
06 October 2022HRTech, Antwepren, 6/10/2022:Bram VanderborghtIndustry 5.0 working with robots and exoskeletons
02 October 2022Humanistisch verbond MortselBram VanderborghtHomo Roboticus 
13 May 2022Ngage keynote talkBram VanderborghtHomo Roboticus 
12 October 2022Textbook illustration showing robotic hand — To be published in 2023François TournilhacSoft Matter – concepts, phenomena, applications (By W. van Saarloos, V. Vitelli, Z. Zeravcic) 
Seppe Terryn explaining how soft self healing robots contribute to a more sustainable world on @atvbe during @imec_int #FutureSummits2022
Ellen Roels at “De Wetenschapsbattle 2020” introducing kids with the self-healable soft robot
Presenting SHERO during InnovFest in Technopolis, to bring innovation to companies.
Interview with Jakob Langenbach about “Vitrimers for soft robotics”

Conferences and Workshop Presentations

Embodied Intelligence Workshop 2021 (~ 1000 attendees)

EI’21 International Workshop brought together a wide range of speakers to discuss the many challenges and opportunities in Embodied Intelligence research. Each session includes plenary talks, panel discussions (including flash talks by leading researchers), and breakout sessions as shown in the tentative programme here.

Embodied Intelligence Conference 2022 (1000+ attendees)

Build on success of the EI’21 Workshop, the EI’22 Conference included even wider range of speakers that introduced conference attendees to exciting opportunities in Embodied Intelligence research. The workshop is structured with a morning session and afternoon session each day to accommodate different plenary talks, panel discussions (including flash talks by leading researchers), and breakout sessions as shown in the tentative programme here.

Embodied Intelligence Workshop at Robosoft 2022

There has been a long-standing philosophical debate about the relationship between body and mind. Today this debate still powers a profound scientific desire to deepen our understanding of the nature of both animals’ and machines’ intelligent, adaptive behavior. To gain further insights into intelligence and explore how our brain and whole selves develop through physical interactions with the world, Embodied Intelligence places the physical entity of the human body at the center of this subject. In the age of AI and Machine Learning, Embodied Intelligence research remains highly important as it can deliver valuable input which enhances the impact of conventional AI technology.

SHERO programme members made poster presentations.

Cambridge Science Festival
School and General Public Event: Future of Robotics

Who is the event aimed at?  This event was aimed at KS3/KS4 Computer Science and Engineering pupils and, in addition, the general public.  This exciting and informative event has been received well by attendees We will also touch on concepts central to the Computer Science GCSE and A Level Curriculum, to demonstrate how these fundamental concepts play a significant role in cutting edge robotics research.

SMART Winter School on Soft Robotics

The 1st International Winter was academic in nature, but with a strong involvement of industry. It aimed to provide scientific and personal development for young researchers in the multidisciplinary fields of soft robotics and smart materials. For this purpose, leading in the field of smart materials and Robotics researchers and industry members will give presentations and talks on scientific and technical aspects in the various fields of  Robotics, AI and soft materials. Programme can be found here.